Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Rating System

The Class Rating System that I use is fairly simple to understand. It has 8 parts.

  1. Man-Game Ratio: The largest part. This is defined by starts/starts possible. There are either 11 or 22 starts per football game, and up to 12 games per season depending on the year and whether or not there was a bowl game involved. Note: For the 5th season, I only count as many starts as the remaining players could possibly make, so if there were 6 players, they could make a maximum of 12 starts per game, not 22.
  2. Record: Has a large impact. This value is .1*(Wins + .5*Ties)/(Games Played)
  3. Letters: The number of letters the class received. In the ratio, .001*Letters is used.
  4. Heisman: If the year has the Heisman, .1 is added to their score.
  5. All-Americans: Each All-American is worth .025
  6. All-Big Tens: Each All-Big Ten is worth .01
  7. Drafted: Each Player Drafted is worth .01. An extra .01 is awarded for 1st Round Draftees.
  8. Full Eligibility: Each player who uses their full eligibility is worth .001. This is sort of a tiebreaker statistic. Requires either 4 V letters or 5 years on Roster
Because I have not done analysis using this system yet, I do not know what the score for an excellent team would be. I am setting the bar for 'Good' at .7500 and 'Great' at 1.000, initially.

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