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So How 'Bout Them New Guys: Indiana Hoosiers 2004

Author's Note:

Hi to all of the (one or two) followers I have so far. Wow, I didn't realize just how difficult it would be to dig up starting lineups for teams... I was forced to skip Penn State 1993, I will go back to them when I get the chance.

A new conundrum came up in my calculations in the sense that I am counting more man-games than a class can possibly play in some cases (too few players). I am going to stick with how I'm doing it - assuming the first 4 seasons are full at 22 players per game and then taking double the number of players that are redshirt seniors. This is just for the sake of continuity.

Anyway, on with the show.

Set the Stage:

Head Coach: Gerry DiNardo (2004), Terry Hoeppner (2005-2006), Bill Lynch (2007-2008)
2003 Performance: 2-10-0, 9th Big Ten
New Blood: 20 (Possibly off count, could not find a 2004 roster that differentiated FR from RS FR anywhere)

Recruiting Map:

Mini Recruiting Board Lives Here:



QB 1
WR 4
OL 4
DT 2
LB 4
DB 4
K 1

The 1984 class was the last of 3 classes recruited by Gerry DiNardo, who was fired after 3 seasons in a row of at best 3 wins. The class came out to be 9 offensive, 10 defensive, and one special teams player, with a strong balance of positions accounted for. The lack of running backs is questionable, however.

How They Did:

Overall Record: 22-38
Varsity Letters: 45
Graduated on Team: 16
Started a Game: 10
Full Eligibility: 11
5th Year Seniors: 9

Notable Honors:

  • James Hardy, WR, All-Conference 2007
  • Tracy Porter, CB, All-Conference 2007
  • Austin Starr, K, All-Conference 2007

  • James Hardy, 2008, 2nd Round, 41st Overall
  • Tracy Porter, 2008, 2nd Round, 40th Overall

Recruiting Score:



Man-Game Ratio










All-Big Ten


Full Eligibility






Of the 20 students brought in, 16 graduated, 9 as redshirt seniors. 10 made starts, and 11 played out their eligibility.

141 defensive and 83 offensive starts were made, for a total of 224. This shows a strong defensive bias in this class.

Indiana has never really been the strongest team in the Big Ten. This class showed some signs of life, though, having a fairly strong senior campaign at 7-6 with a bowl appearance. Of everyone on the team, the best players were the three awarded All-Conference honors in their senior season - Hardy (the only consensus 1st team), Porter, and Starr (both Media 1st team). Though some talent poked through, it appears that DiNardo was a terrible recruiter, and the late Hoeppner was the reason that these players were showing any of their potential. It appears that he was on the way to bringing Indiana out of the basement of the Big Ten in the future, and it is deeply unfortunate that he had to pass so early in his tenure there.

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